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   Photo by Fig Industries

It's All in the Family

Lancaster Hummus Co. was founded in 2010 out of a family catering business.  While trying to promote her catering business, Deborah happened upon the local farmers markets in her hometown, where she and her family sold a variety of salads and meals to go, one of the more popular items they made was their unique hummus.   When the time came for the farmers markets to close for the season, Deborah along with her son Sean began visting the local grocery stores to offer their unique hummus flavors, 
and Lancaster Hummus Co. was born.

Deborah's dream of owning her own business and having her family involved was now a reality.  She is a passionate woman supported by her business partner and love of her life Donald,  their son Sean, along with daughters Rachel, Tori, and Violet.  
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